M.K.Charitable trust is involved in all those social programs which benefit the needy in the best way possible.

Our Activities include

Providing basic amenities:-

The basic amenities like food clothing and shelter are essential for all human beings, and hence M.K.Charitable trust has taken the initiative to help the poor and needy with these basic amenities.

Financial assistance:-

Financial assistance plays a major role in shaping the life of those who are poor, needy and looking for someone to help them assist financially, hence M.K.Charitable Trust is actively involved in helping those who need financial assistance to the best of its ability.

Helping the disabled:-

An important reason for M.K.Charitable trust to be established was to assist those who are physically disabled or mentally retarded.

Assisting the disabled or challenged people can give them an opportunity to live life up to their full potential, without being unhappy.

Hence M.K.Charitable trust does not spare a chance to be active in assisting those disabled who need assistance.